Mercury Free Dentistry

Dr. Ron Nourian takes pride in providing all his Los Angeles dental patients with mercury free dentistry. Eliminating the use of fillings containing amalgam, fillings are safer for patients, as well as the environment.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges literally "bridge" the gap caused when one or more teeth are missing in between teeth. This procedure is used for both functionality as well as cosmetics, by placing artificial teeth in the gaps. Our team of Los Angeles dentists has years of experience in dental bridges.

Cosmetic Full Porcelain Crown

A dental crown is a cosmetic cap which is placed over the existing tooth. This procedure is used when a tooth has decayed drastically, and also for cosmetic purposes. Dr. Ron Nourian and his team of Los Angeles dentists has many years of experience in cosmetic dentistry.

White Filling

White fillings are much more widely used than traditional fillings, maintaining a tooth’s color, and keeping smiles white. Dr. Ron Nourian and his Los Angeles dental team takes pride in helping to keep patients’ smiles bright and white.

Root Canal

A root canal can cause multiple negative effects on the teeth. The tooth can darken, it can become very sensitive, and the surrounding gum area can be affected as well. Immediate treatment of a root canal is essential. Dr. Ron Nourian and his dental team in Los Angeles are always prepared to help patients in time sensitive situations.

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